Fear of the dark, new unplugged version


“I decided to release this new version of Fear of the dark right now to make my contribution to music in this very troubled time for humanity.  This song tells the story of how we are living now, a suspended existence that has lost its identity, freedom, trust in the future, and overall outlook on the world, but which, at the same time, never gives up and continues to search for a way to return to living peacefully. Fear of the dark shows all human feelings: fear, sadness, loneliness, mourning, vain and waiting. It doesn’t forget, however, to give that fragile existence an answer: life happens and often we do not see it coming, but if we have the strength to cross the darkness, we will discover the true meaning of life “, says Noemi.

The hope is that even just listening to this meaningful song will also help everyone return to having comfort, trust and hope.